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Getting Started


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R/C flying is a really great hobby.

It's not as popular as some of the other forms of the R/C Hobby, however.  But since you are here reading this, I'll assume that you want to fly Jets, R/C Parkjets to be specific.


R/C Dictionary 

Read Tower Hobbies R/C Dictionary to become acquainted with General R/C Terminology

A really good Tutorial for Electric R/C flying

R/C Groups Electric Flight FAQ

First, let’s take a look at you, and your experience. Do you feel that you are physically capable of grabbing a jet that is anywhere from 2-Ft. to 5-Ft. long and weighing several pounds, and giving that jet a mighty toss, like Brett Farve throwing a bullet pass for the winning touchdown, and then having enough wit's about you to grab the TX control sticks, and fly that jet out of what ever problem it has gotten itself into?

I hope you answered "Hell Yes!!" If not, then you may want to consider flying a more "Conventional" Airplane," one of those slow flying type's with the prop up front, and leave the ParkJets for when your older, and/or when you have more experience.

Things You Need to Do

You need to start reading all about the Electric R/C Hobby at the RC Groups E-Zone discussion boards. I HIGHLY Suggest you join the RC Group's and participate in the thread discussions.  The owners of the ParkJet plans found on this website deeply appreciate knowing there plans are being built, and they will gladly answer any questions you have about the construction, and flying of their creations.  Everything I know, I have learned from the great people at the E-zone :)