#1 in RC Parkjet Plans



We recently got an E-mail from a visitor that was interested in putting some more plans on Parkjets.  We love this kind of E-mail.  However, the individual had no idea how to put his plans into electronic form.  

There are many different programs out there to help people with Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) but one program has pretty much cornered the market for part time designers.  Google SKetch Up.  It is a free program that allows you to draw your plans and print them out in PDF form.
That is the perfect format for distribution.  

One of the hardest things about CAD drawing is that there is a learning curve you have to overcome in order to use the software.  Thankfully, we found these excellent videos that outline exactly how to use Google Sketch Up for the purposes of drawing parkjets!  YouTube pretty much has everything.  

So sit back, get comfortable, and get a brief 101 on how to use Google Sketch Up to draw out your plans.  Don't forget to share them with the world through!