#1 in RC Parkjet Plans



Many times, we get E-mails on how to install servos, push rods, control horns and all the various components needed to get a simple foam parkjet off the ground and actually be able to control it.  

As it turns out, we found an excellent video made by the guys at RCSUPERPOWERS that clearly explains the whole process, so why reinvent the lesson?  

One key message here, there is really no wrong way to do it, a lot of times, builders have their preferred methods of putting in the servo and control horns, but ultimately, there are just a couple of rules to follow and then installing the servos and control horns is a snap.  

For the advanced builder, many times hiding the servos and push rods is half the fun, figuring out how to route them through the plane and only expose small parts help give the plane a great scale look and keeps all the ugly bits out of sight.  

So here is the video, take a few notes and download some free plans and get to building.