#1 in RC Parkjet Plans


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When October rolled around, we put up a great project (suggested by a reader) and he sent over another project that is appropriate for Christmas.  Rather than post in our regular free RC plans page, we like the idea of simply putting them right here in our blog.  

This particular build is pretty limited to the pictures in the build thread and doesn't actually have a maiden flight! So maybe you could classify this build as purely experimental.  If you do end up building this one, be sure to send over some finished pictures and results.  We know the designer would love it and we would love to post the results. 

Here is a video of a simplier build (two deer) that inspired the design.

And a still photo of the simplier build.

Here is the RC Groups build thread to the multi-deer plans.

Finally, here is a .zip file of the Santa Parkjet plans ready for you to download.  Enjoy!