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New PlansParkJets

As January creeps to a end, we added two more plans for you to enjoy.  And like the Cutlass added last week, we dipped into SD Parkflyer's pool of excellent plans.  And in an effort to really expand our offerings, we are looking to add some plans that have not been invited to reside on parkjets in the past, namely some 3D flyers, warbirds, and we are looking for some more EDF plans as well.  To wrap up January, we have some excellent 3D style park flyers up for your enjoyments.

Let's get started....


New PlansParkJets

A few months ago, we got permission from SD Parkflyers to post his free plans to our site and although it has been a long time coming, we kicked off the postings by throwing up his awesome Cutlass park flyer.  

The Cutlass features a funjet style design, with a large delta wing and twin vertical stabalizers. The design is for 9mm EPP foam, which as you might know, is a lot for forgiving when crashing. But with some modifications, the Cutlass could be accomadated for 6mm Depron or other types of foam board.


Building, New PlansParkJets

When October rolled around, we put up a great project (suggested by a reader) and he sent over another project that is appropriate for Christmas.  Rather than post in our regular free RC plans page, we like the idea of simply putting them right here in our blog.  

This particular build is pretty limited to the pictures in the build thread and doesn't actually have a maiden flight! So maybe you could classify this build as purely experimental.  If you do end up building this one, be sure to send over some finished pictures and results.  We know the designer would love it and we would love to post the results. 

Here is a video of a simplier build (two deer) that inspired the design.


New PlansParkJets

We just added in a new plan inspired by a personal favorate, Macross!  The F/A-241 Shrike is a unique looking design that certainly is true to the popular series.

The free download features a simple to build parkjets that requires only 3 channels and pretty standard power equipment.  The result is a stable but nimble flyer that you can put together in short order and have something no one else will see.  


New PlansParkJets
Maybe all that news coverage about the amazing space jump the last few weeks has inspired our Free Plans Catalog, or maybe we just like these fantisy type park flyers?  Who knows.  Either way, the SGTalon designed Starfighter from the TV Series "Buck Rogers" is a winner.  The design is very simple, the construction is pretty straight forward, but the look is unique.  What more do you need?


New PlansParkJets

After taking note that something like 4 of our top 10 plans for the month of August were really not "jets" but rather warbirds, the Hydro, and some 3D aircraft, we decided to upload a great design from a familar name, Tomas Hellberg.  He designs some of the most popular parkjets on the site, including the F-22, Eurofighter and the F-18E.  So we have added to his hanger here on Parkjets for you to enjoy.


New PlansParkJets

Just in time for the weekend to be over, we got an E-mail from Chris Carpenter asking how to get plans submitted.  So we told him and here we are.  For Clint Eastwood fans, you might recognize the design he sent our way, the mythical MIG 31 Firefox. 


New PlansParkJets

The designer of the awesome Alpha Jet, Jamie Rothwell, sent us his take on the popular F-15 Eagle.  One of the best platforms for parkflying, the F-15 by Jamie Rothwell features a semi-scale look and a mid-mounted prop with a full fuse nose design that takes simple design to the next level of scale looks.  A very smooth flyer and very simple to set up with two servos and elevons, the F-15 is an excellent choice if you are looking for a quick build and excellent flying.  


New PlansParkJets

We just added to our growing catalog of free downloads of RC plans, the Drongo.  It's designed by Marcel du Plessis, who already designed the BD-5, Sea Dart, and the Draken.  The free file download includes full size drawings as well as tiled plans for A4 and letter size printers.  That way, you can print them off at home, piece them together and get to cutting.